An intervention order could change your life, for better or worse!

Having the Police turn up at your door and serve an intervention order on you is a traumatising, foreign experience and can have drastic consequences. On the flip side, applying for and having the protection offered by an intervention order could save your life. Either way, our Geelong lawyers can help! What is an ‘IVO’? […]

Who will keep the kids?

Navigating parental responsibilities and care arrangements for children after a separation can appear overwhelming, but we are here to help. In Australia, parents are encouraged to reach parenting agreements, including decisions about where the child will live and how they will spend time with each parent. These agreements can be formalised as parenting plans or […]

Mandatory loss of licence in Victoria

Most people take their driver’s licence for granted.

It’s not until their licence is under threat that they begin to realise losing it could mean losing everything, including current employment.

However, our highly skilled solicitors can ensure this does not happen to you.

Merry Christmas and thank you!

Time flies when you’re having fun… and achieving incredible legal results!

It’s hard to believe Ben von Einem and Associates is only 18-months old.

3 July 2018 marked one year since the firm’s Principal Lawyer Ben von Einem and his team took a leap of faith and opened what has become one of the most successful private law firms in the Geelong region…

Must Watch: The Tourism Greater Geelong & The Bellarine video going viral

We must hand it to the team at Tourism Greater Geelong & the Bellarine.

Indeed, they have delivered a very humorous Christmas video for 2018.

It also reminds us just why we love living in this region! Well done indeed.

Watch it here.

There’s always more to it than what the media want you to believe

Never jump to conclusions when you read or view a court story in the media.

A good defence lawyer will always ensure the full story gets told in court.

These matters are never simple. And nor should they be.

Please have a read of our case in point.