An intervention order could change your life, for better or worse!

Having the Police turn up at your door and serve an intervention order on you is a traumatising, foreign experience and can have drastic consequences.

On the flip side, applying for and having the protection offered by an intervention order could save your life.

Either way, our Geelong lawyers can help!

What is an ‘IVO’?

An Intervention Order (IVO) is a civil court order which provides protection for individuals (and/or children) from harm or threats of harm posed by others.

The primary purpose of an IVO is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of individuals who fear for their safety due to actions or threats of another person. They are designed to prevent harm, provide legal protection and ensure personal safety.

IVOs provide protection by requiring the Respondent to refrain from engaging in particular behaviours. They place restrictions and other conditions upon the Respondent and aim to ultimately prevent contact and further violence/harm from occurring.

Types of Intervention Orders

There are two types of Intervention Orders:

  1. Family Violence Intervention Order: An order which protects an individual and/or their children from a violent or abusive family member or former partner; and
  2. Personal Safety Intervention Order: An order which protects an individual and/or their children from a non-family member, such as an acquaintance, neighbour or stranger.

Who can apply for an Intervention Order?

You can apply for an IVO if you are an Affected Family Member/Person and or the legal guardian of an Affected Family Member/Person (such as a child under the age of 18).

The police can also apply for an IVO on behalf of an Affected Family Member in relation to a Family Violence Intervention Order or an Affected Person in relation to a Personal Safety Intervention Order. If the police have applied for an Intervention Order, then the police are the Applicants, and they will represent you and make submissions against the Respondent.

How do I apply for an Intervention Order?

IVOs can be applied for online using this link or in person at your local Magistrates’ Court.

The application for an IVO requires you to set out the grounds for which you require an order to be made. This is where you would detail the incidents of family violence or violence perpetrated against you and/or a child including the date and place where it happened.

In addition, you will need to select which conditions you want the IVO to include. These conditions include but are not limited to full exclusive conditions where a person cannot come within a specified distance of you, your residence or your workplace, or safe contact conditions where a person can contact you but must not commit violence.

How can we help?

If you are considering applying for an IVO, we would encourage you to first seek legal advice. It is important that your application correctly sets out the grounds supporting your application and the conditions you are seeking to ensure you have the best possibility of obtaining an IVO.

Our Geelong Lawyers are experienced in providing advice with respect to Intervention Orders and can assist you by drafting the necessary application and appearing for you at Court.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office on (03) 5292 1938 to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your circumstances and how we may assist you.